Atari Flashback ® 8 Gold DELUXE

Atari Flashback® 8 Gold Deluxe console with built-in 120 games. These games include iconic Atari 2600 classics like Missile Command ™, Asteroids ®, Centipede ™, as well as many other legends like Konami’s Frogger ™, Activision’s Pitfall! ™ and River Raid ™. Two all new, high performance 2.4ghz wireless controllers, styled after the Atari 2600 originals, are included, as well as two legacy controller ports for optional wired joysticks or paddles. Other all new features include 720p HDMI output, scan line filtering, and a save/pause/rewind feature for every game. HDMI cable and a bonus of two wired paddle controllers included in the pack.

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