ColecoVision® Flashback®

ColecoVision® Flashback® is an easy to use plug and play device for your TV that provides a piece of video gaming nostalgia suitable for the whole family. Timeless Coleco titles such as Venture, Space Panic, Pepper II, Jumpman Junior and Zaxxon plus 55 other games promise to give hours of the purest video gaming entertainment for all folks.


• 60 Classic Games Built-in
• Authentically Designed Controllers Included
• Overlays for True Retro Game Experience
• Features Hit Titles:
Space Panic™
Pepper II
Jumpman Junior™

Game List:

•Alphabet Zoo •Aquattack •Artillery Duel •Black Jack/Poker •Blockade Runner •Brain Strainers •Bump’n’ Jump •Choplifter! •Cosmic Avenger •Destructor •Dragonfire •Evolution •Fathom •Flipper Slipper •Fortune Builder •Frantic Freddy •Frenzy •Gateway to Apshai •Gust Buster •Jumpman Junior •Jungle Hunt •Miner 2049er •Montezuma’s Revenge •Moonsweeper •Motocross Racer •Mountain King •Ms. Space Fury •Nova Blast •Oil’s Well •Omega Race •Pepper II •Quest for Quintana Roo •Rolloverture •Sammy Lightfoot •Sir Lancelot •Slurpy •Space Fury •Space Panic •Squish ‘Em Featuring Sam •Super Cross Force •Telly Turtle •The Dam Buster •The Heist •Threshold •Tomarc the Barbarian •Tournament Tennis •Venture •War Room •Wing War •Zaxxon •Module Man •Princess Quest •Mecha-8 •Monster Masher •Bankruptcy Builder •Shunting Puzzle •Schlange CV •Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels I •Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels II •Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels III
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