Intellivision® Flashback™

Intellivision® Flashback™ is a video game console that plays 60 built-in classic Intellivision games including Astrosmash, B-17 Bomber and the popular sports titles. The console easily plugs into the TV and is ready to play out of the box (no downloads). Its classic design and authentic hand controllers compatible with original overlays bring back video gaming nostalgia suitable for the whole family.

• 60 Classic Games Built-in
• Includes Unreleased Titles
• Authentically Designed Controllers
• Limited Overlays in the Pack for Authentic User Experience
• Features Hit Titles:
World Championship Baseball
B-17 Bomber
Shark! Shark!

Game List:

•Armor Battle •Auto Racing •Astrosmash •Backgammon •Blowout (UNRELEASED) •Body Slam! Super Pro Wrestling •Bowling •Boxing •Bomb Squad •Brickout (UNRELEASED) •Buzz Bombers •B-17 Bomber •Checkers •Chess •Chip Shot: Super Pro Golf •Crown of Kings •Deep Pockets: Super Pro Pool&Billiards (UNRELEASED) •Frog Bog •Golf •Horse Racing •Hard Hat (UNRELEASED) •Hover Force •Learning Fun I •Learning Fun II •Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack •Las Vegas Roulette •Math Fun •Minotaur •Motocross •Night Stalker •Pinball •Royal Dealer •Sea Battle •Shark! Shark! •Sharp Shot •Slam Dunk: Super Pro Basketball •Slap Shot: Super Pro Hockey •Snafu •Soccer •Space Armada •Space Battle •Space Cadet (UNRELEASED) •Space Hawk •Space Spartans •Stadium Mud Buggies •Star Strike •Sub Hunt •Super Pro Decathlon •Super Pro Football •Spiker: Super Pro Volleyball •Takeover (UNRELEASED) •Tennis •Thin Ice •Thunder Castle •Tower of Doom •Triple Action •Utopia •Vectron •World Championship Baseball •Word Fun
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